Saturday, June 20, 2009



Fading away into the night
An unknown emotion pulses
Dark and beautiful in your soul
Even though you hide it I know you’re just
Another lonely star in search of the one
Worth shining for, and
Although you were meant for someone else
You will never fade from my heart

Sky image by *Peace-of-Art

A Vision

SCARS OF BROKEN HEART Pictures, Images and Photos
A vision in the final cadences of moonlight
You stand there, eyes closed to the world around you
Ears unhearing of the words dancing through the air
Mouth locked shut for fear of the imprisoned scream's release
Scars left bare adorn treacherously beautiful skin

A vision in the caress of amorous sunlight
Your eyes open slowly ready to meet the world around you
Ears tentatively willing to listen to the laughter as well as cries
Mouth unlocked to sing a song of sorrow reincarnated as love
And from these scars, new wings shall grow

picture: rhogrock on Photobucket

Thursday, June 18, 2009


For a moment I believed in myself
I believed that I was beautiful
And, for some unknown reason,
The world believed it too.
Then I woke up.

When beauty is but a dream the nightmare is in waking up.

Silence Is the Loudest Scream

There is a strange magic
To the words you whisper in the dark.
And your contented sighs in the dead of night
Are becoming the lullaby I can’t get to sleep without.
But now, your side of the bed is growing cold
And the silence is absolutely deafening.

This picture is from .Stellar. of Flickr

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Those Long Gone

Purple Pictures, Images and Photos

What do flowers cry about?
For whom do those petals weep?
They cry for the lost life feeding their beauty.
They weep because such magnificence
Can come from such pain, immeasurable.
But if you are silent and tread with gentle stride
They will sing a song for you, a song of grief and love.
They will whisper, in voices both fragile and strong,
The names of those long gone.



Your lips pull at my heartstrings
And it’s killing me that to you
I’m just a marionette on your shelf
Yours to control at a flick of the wrist.

I trusted you to gently handle these strings
I trusted you to wield these threads with love
But power corrupts and the power you had
Over me corrupted you much too completely.

Ever so slyly I sever these heartstrings
Simultaneously severing my ties to you
Left arm down, right arm down
Head relaxes, body collapses.

A beautiful picture by Rosie Hardy

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And I Used to Wonder Why They Stared...

I don’t keep a journal
I don’t bother with diaries
But if you were to look at me
Just once you might see
Such things are of no use
When every traitorous thought
Is printed on my face.
Every second guess,
Dances across closed eyelids.
Every word I refuse speak
cruelly decorates these lips.
And every belittling name
I call myself finds a home
For all to see.

This breathtaking picture is by Flickr's Hecate-moon.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Soul Mates... sooner or later

Maybe in our next lifetime,
I'll find you before she does,
Because I feel it in my bones
And deep down in my veins.
We're meant to be more.
We're meant to be.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thank You, Stranger

The night’s sky screamed suicide.
And I was its seemingly willing victim.
Two thousand feet up above the city lights
And I finally see why no one wanted to sleep.
It’s a shame I never noticed the beauty until now.
For a moment I raised my hands in protest.
I didn’t want to leave, not when life can be beautiful.
But the wind pushed me closer to the edge.
It whispered in my ear words I always longed for
And I folded into its ghostly caress.
Everything happened so quickly.
Loss of balance. Loss of breath.
Your voice overcame the shrieking wind.
Quick, grab my hand.
Let me save you.

And when your warm hand encompassed mine
I sighed— in relief and also in sadness.
See, you enraged the night.
It wanted me and it wouldn’t let you get in the way.
And it would have me, even if it had to take you too.
So I let you go, even though every fiber of my body
Wanted nothing more than to hold onto you forever.

So, thank you, Stranger,
For showing me that life can be beautiful
Even at the brink of death.