Sunday, March 29, 2009

Come On Baby


And after all these years of being by your side
The first thing that comes to mind is still
“Come on baby, take a bite out of life with me.”

And we joke about it and you tease
But deep down in my old heart I still know
That was the smartest thing I’ve ever said.

Well, we’re still together aren’t we?

Photo Credit: Alex Rath via iStockPhoto



Watch the lighting’s brilliance against the dark ominous sky
Listen to the rolling thunder through the otherwise
       soundless night
Feel the rain over your delicate skin pounding out
      a message from the beyond
These are the echoes of the ancient skies
The same skies that drowned entire cities,
      flooding over lives and leaving shells
The same skies that bring rain to the fields,
      nurturing and urging life to begin

Watch the cloud's whispery fingers spreading out over the vast sky
Listen to the sigh of the wind breathing into your ear the
      secrets it holds dear
Feel the sun's warmth on your face leaving kisses from
      angels of a different world
These are the echoes of the ancient skies
The same skies that created the dancing tempests,
      the gale of home wreckers
The same skies that evaporate the delicate balance of life
      under the watery blue

Watch the lives created and destroyed in a blink of an eye
Listen to the joyous laughter and the screams begging for life
Feel the love and hate fighting for victory in your heart
These are the echoes of the ancient skies

Smoke And Mirrors

Your smoke and mirrors got the best of me.
I never saw it coming, I never even thought,
That I was included in your magic act.

You levitated lies right over my head
You swept me off my feet and called it love
What a horrible trick that was.

But I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve,
You never saw it coming, you never even thought
That perhaps there is a better magician than you.

It’s your turn to play the fool
So watch, amazed, as I disappear from your life.
Now hold your breath until I reappear.

Love can sometimes be magic
But magic can sometimes be an illusion.
Just like your smoke and mirrors.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Breaking Mirrors

Looking into the shattered mirror
the cracked shards cutting my face in half.
I'm left a monster
and yet only a fraction of the demon i once was.
Everyone looked to me and saw a paragon,
that smile, aimed to please,
was a mask covering tearstained cheeks and quivering lips
Basking in self-loathing
and hiding behind meaningless excuses
repeating the lies over and over again
never revealing the inner turmoil
choking on life
forced to listen to the apathetic notes
of the violins
most are able to ignore
and although the incessant melody
drowns out my voice
rendering me mute to lamenting
the voices in my head are purged of thought
as they appear on the page
every last wound and pain imprinted in eternity
a glimpse into my distorted world

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Calling Spring

Bird Feather Fly Pictures, Images and Photos
I was born of stars and light.
I walked the cold dark streets.
Snow turned to rain in my wake.
Flowers fell from my pockets.
Trees breathed in the crisp air,
Leaves unfurled, bright and green,
Birds sang a song, welcoming me,
As I walked the dazzling streets.
It’s a song only I know the lyrics to.
They sing it for me, every spring.
Every spring through every summer.
And then, when the trees hold their breath,
When leaves fall and return to their roots,
Birds fly to the stars.
Where we practice our song
For the oncoming spring.
If I cannot fly like these winged melodies
At least I can sing like them
And call the spring to light the dark streets.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

She's A Slave to Mother Nature


She’s dancing through the moonlight swathed in her crimson satin dress
She’s singing praise to each and every soul on the earth, each sturdy rock and tree
She’s sleeping in a field of sunlight breathing on her skin with a single caress.

She’s everywhere and nowhere at once, her life a fusion of emotions
She’s anger like the peaks of volcanoes into their fiery center
She’s calm like the white sand beaches that lead to the deepest oceans

She’s beauteous as rubies are red or as the sky above her is blue
She’s got moons for eyes and the blackest silk for hair but
She’s unbearably lonely with not a single soul to turn to

She may speak the language of life and sing to the birds in the trees
She may listen to the soil cry it’s heart out and calm the whispering grass
But she’s a slave to Mother Nature and Mother Nature is hard to please

One Thousand Drops Of Joy


Trapped in this supposed paradise
Cloaked forever in darkness
Throat parched from lack of use
I plead for water.
Beg for just a single sip.
You smile handing me the glass
Already knowing I will lose my grip
I fall to my knees
Oh, to live without water
I shall surely die.
Would it not be better to give up,
To end this life robbed of any joy?
As if on cue, the clouds turn ominous
Lightning strikes out at me,
I plead for life.
Beg for just a single day.
You smile again and look to the sky
Water pours down,
Soaking through the arid ground
The glass fills with tears of the sky
Just before a single drop runs over the edge
The rain ceases as quickly as it started
Each sip of water
One thousand drops of joy.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


abuse. Pictures, Images and Photos

They were there lying on my skin when I awoke
Soft dark petals contrasting with alabaster
I dress to cover them so
No one can see my roses,
No one can see the only gifts you’ve given me.

I’ll hold them close until they whither away
But I know you’ll give me new ones.
Thank you, they are so beautiful,
But they hurt,
They hurt so badly.

I’ll accept each one lovingly,
Because with every strike I take
Another blossom blooms.
And these flowers are better
Than nothing at all.

So c'mon baby,
Use me, abuse me,
i'm waiting for my new bouquet.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The End Is Calling

Before rewrite:

The stars are falling
From the sky
Each twinkle cast down
Each tear from her eye

One after another
They slide down her face
Leaving her with a puddle of tears
And her fallen grace

Tonight the stars are falling
Tonight, the end is calling
Each twinkle cast down from the sky
Each tear sliding down from her eyes
Soon it will be bare
But she'll never care
Because life's not fair

There goes another one
Gone without a fight
The tiny star had no choice
It left, dimmed out of sight

The night twisting the fate for
A goddess out of control.
Rendering her
No longer whole.

Tonight the stars are falling
Tonight, the end is calling
But she doesn't care
Because life's not fair

After Rewrite:

Tonight the stars are falling
Tonight the end is calling
Each twinkle cast down from the sky
Each tear shed from her eye

One after another they slide down her face
Leaving her with a puddle of tears and her fallen grace
If these stars continue to descend her soul will be bare
However, she can't seem to find the energy to care.

There goes another one, gone without a fight
This last tiny star had no choice. It left, dimmed out of sight.
The now starless night screams in rage at the goddess out of control
It does not care that her soul was left exposed, rendering her no longer whole.

Tomorrow there will be no stars left to fall
They are all lying at her feet, too shattered to shine at all.

Friday, March 6, 2009

For The Best

We sit close under the night sky
And you wish on the single falling
For things to stay exactly as they are
So we hold hands and whisper sweet
Even though I know I’m just going to
They say you cannot run from your
But I don’t plan to stop until you’re nothing but
A Memory.
Believe me when I tell you, you may not think this is
Or just
Or “for the best”
But it’s what you need.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Train Races

train track Pictures, Images and Photos

The train races; the smoke rises
The train races; the whistle blows
The train races; the smoke rises
The train races; it calls out to me
Where it is leading, I do not know,
Perhaps into the stars,
Burning forever bright.
Perhaps under the ocean,
Deep as the color of your eyes.
Does it follow a trail of broken hearts?
Or maybe puddles of fallen tears?
The train races
The smoke rises
The whistle blows
And it calls to me
But I turn my back on it.
I’m following your path of footprints.
Where it is leading, I do not know.
But maybe one day I’ll catch up.
And we’ll be together again.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

When I Come Back

I’ve heard often enough
That when we die
We come back different.
So as the cold barrel of this gun
Touches my burning throat.
All I can think is,
Perhaps there is hope
For me after all.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

If Walls Could Talk


If I could talk
If I could tell you everything I’ve seen
I could tell you stories you would never want to believe
No one knows what I have seen with my all-seeing eyes
No one is alive to tell the secrets I’ve overheard

I’ve seen little pieces of heaven and little pieces of hell
I’ve heard whispers of love and screams of hatred
I’ve seen love spoken to one and given to another
I’ve heard even breathing and then footsteps leaving

How hard it is to watch a life end,
How hard it is to watch a love grow cold,
How hard it is to listen to a heart-shattering cry,
How hard it is to bear witness to these images

And be unable to speak one word.
You will never hear from me.
My mouth is shut but my eyes and ears are forever open.
It’s a curse to be able to stand so tall, so straight, so strong

To bear the weight of the world
To hold the roof over the murder’s head and be unable to break
To shelter the demons of the world and separate the angels

I cannot tell you whom exactly I’ve seen.
I cannot tell you what exactly I’ve heard.

But if walls could talk

I would.

Every Falling Star Is A Waste Of Time


She wanders through life
Wondering what destiny has in store
Will she ever escape
These prison walls of
Crumbling brick and rusting metal?
What would it take
For life to finally become bearable?
So she wishes upon
Every falling star
For a new dawn
For a new day
For a way out of this life
Where rough brick
And cold metal
Are but rumors
From a far off land.
She walks through life
Talking to no one
Saying nothing
Waiting for things to change
She's an enigma to everyone around
Living in the crumbling brick
And rusting metal
A freak show for all to see.

Walking the Divide

Loneliness as deep as the darkest ocean
Laps at my soul and I can only watch.
I stare with glazed eyes as it eats away
Piece by piece,
Soon I will be left with nothing.

Deep within this self-destructive whirlwind
You appear bearing only a heart full of love.
I stare with glazed eyes as you put me back together
Piece by piece
Soon I will be back to normal.

With only one effervescent shard left missing
You look over your shoulder to see a ghost from your past,
I stare with glazed eyes as you walk away
Step by step
Now I am left with nothing.


Returning to the deepest, darkest ocean
Deep within the self-destructive whirlwind
I stare with glazed eyes at nothing in particular
Step by step
I approach the line where life and death meet

Step by step
I walk the divide, holding on to myself
Trying to keep what is left of my soul intact.
Piece by piece
I feel it fuse back together leaving an ever-enduring scar.

Nearly back to life again
I can see the brilliant light just over the horizon.
I know I can make it without you, this time.
Step by step
Piece by Piece
I will be complete again.