Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lay Me Down


Lay me down, Lover,
Lay me down
In the middle of the road.

And I’ll pray for someone to be in a hurry.

ps. this picture was created by the amazingRosie Hardy of Flickr. You should definitely check out her other pictures they are absolutely stunning.

Common Sense


It tastes the bitterness in sugar
It hears an insult in a complement
It sees weeds in a bouquet of flowers
It consumes your every sense

You may pop those pretty pills
You may don those dark glasses
You may turn that music up
You may try to disguise the depression

But it won’t cover up the taste of
Acid when you’re choking on apathy

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Worse Than A Long Distance Relationship

Remember when
You took me to see the Sequoias.
We stood at opposite ends and s t r e t c h e d.
You said you could tell how old it was
By the number of spirals on the inside.
You said our love would live so long,
It would put that ancient Sequoia to shame.
But all I can think of now is how
We might as well plant our own tree
In the space growing between us.

Everything I Loved, Altered

Young/old woman Pictures, Images and Photos

I remember her as a loving woman
She smelled of peppermint and silk
Her hair was always perfect
Never a curl out of place.
Her hands were soft and warm
Always there to hold.
But after he died,
And rose to meet the stars face to face,
A part of her died too.
I don’t know where it disappeared to,
But peppermint was soon replaced by
Smoke and liquor.

The Awakening


You told me it was too late.
You told me I couldn’t change.
Stuck in my old ways, too afraid to try.
But I was hit by a ball of fire.
I was slammed into the wall.
I was pushed in front of the mirror.
Forced to confront the demons
That were staring right at me.
Before, I would run.
Before, I would hide.
But things have changed.
I’ve been awakened.
I’m ready to be the daughter she deserves.
I’m ready to be the friend they deserve.
But mostly, I’m ready to just

Sunday, May 17, 2009


icon - opposites Pictures, Images and Photos
Good and bad; Black and white
Speaking, feeling, hearing, and sight
Two negatives make a positive but
Two wrongs don’t make a right

It’s a Dualistic attack gone out of control,
Me vs. you, light vs. dark, and body vs. soul.
But if we could go back to when life was life, not
the opposite of death, maybe we’d be better off as a whole.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fire Escape

fire Pictures, Images and Photos
The world is being consumed by fires of greed,
Ravaged by flames of red and gold violence
Eating up lives in it’s attempt to cross the globe.
Destroyed by lovers scorned and forgotten morals
Tearing apart families, one secret tryst at a time.
Charred by words of heated discussions,
Burning down bridges faster than they’re built.
The world is quickly becoming engulfed in hate
But I have a way out of this raging inferno,
A ladder at the edge of the world
Where it leads to, I don’t know,
But I can only hope it’s better than this.

If Only Things Had Been Different

You look at me, I look away,
You stand here, I stand there.
It’s such a lovely little game we play.

A lonely little dance, between us two.

Your smile makes the sun look dark as night.
Even though I know it’s not for me,
I can’t ignore something so beautiful, so bright.

You know, it’s quite cruel, this thing you do.

Yes, I feel a small heart attack on the way.
Don’t worry, I’m getting used to it.
It’s just another piece of my heart breaking away.

Go on, ignore me and go back to her like I'm used to.

You’ll walk off and I’ll say I’m all right
But I won’t be here next time.
I’m going off to find a different light.

I can’t waste my time with a dream that will never come true.

So this game we’re playing, it’s way too cliché.
And I can’t take it anymore, so I’m leaving.
We’re just too different. I’m night, you’re day.

But, had things been different, I would have loved to love you.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Irony or Message in a Bottle

message in a bottle Pictures, Images and Photos

She’s the beauty of the town
Her smile puts the sun to shame
And I want to bottle her laughter
Not to sell it; just to keep it for myself.
She has the entire town wrapped
So tight around her little finger.
And yet she is forever alone
And that is why I’m sending her this note
of all my love and dreams
In a glass bottle, down the stream.

I’m the freak of the town
Are my strange harlequin eyes to blame?
Is it that I rarely talk, but sing instead?
I’ve given up trying to figure it out.
So I just go on living life in this little town
Pretending not to notice their eyes
On me as I walk home alone .
And when I find bottles in the river
I throw them back and down the stream they go.
illiteracy: one; love life: zero.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Aposiopesis or Who Was It?

Door already unlocked, already open, waiting for me.
Muffled voices, echoing footsteps, rising anxiety.
Your voice, Where is she? Why isn’t she here?
I don’t know, I don’t know, he screams in fear.
My palms sweat, through my mind every thought races
Why are you here, of all the times, of all the places?
I think you heard me, my thoughts so loud in my head.
I hear you laugh, filling my heart with the deepest dread.
Pulled from my temporary sanctuary, out into the light.
Anger, madness, and sorrow in your eyes, a scary sight.
How could you do it? How could you just pick up and leave?
I just needed to. Then I see it, hidden in your sleeve.
Not hidden anymore, but pointed to my face, then hers.
It’s either him or me. You can’t choose. Your vision blurs.
It’s like when we were young, a game of chance.
The fire in your eyes flashes from me to him, a bloodthirsty dance.
It consumes us all until you can’t take it any more.
A gun fires. A scream. A body falls. Blood on the floor.