Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's interesting what comes to you in the dead of night.

Heart of stone
Soul of sand
Sinking to my stomach
Slipping through your hand

Friday, July 10, 2009

Times of the Sun

The clock’s delicate melody
Seems to be at odds with the
Heavy hammering of my heart
How can something so mechanical
Aim to control our lives so entirely?
But I suppose it is us who give it power.
It is our pure mortal aim for control
For restrictions, for organization,
That gives it purpose.
If I had the choice
If my life wasn’t in it’s death grip already
I would toss that ticking damnation
Out of the window. Good riddance.
And plunge myself into the world
When life’s only timer was the
Rising and setting of the Great Sun.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Survivor (acrostic)

Surprising strength in one so small, you were
Unwilling to give up on life
Refusing to succumb to another’s will
Vying for one more chance to live and
I will always remember the
Vibrancy of your smile even to that last moment.
Oh, my love, I will never forget what you told me that final day,
Remember to live and love, and you will truly survive.

Dying Candle image by Harshad Sharma on Flickr

Vacation (acrostic)

Vacant playgrounds with nothing but
April showers and weeping flowers
Carry a sense of suspense.
And in May when it rains diamonds
The earth knows what every child knows.
It’s the subliminal message felt in the very marrow
Of your bones, and albeit temporary, this sense of freedom
Never tasted so sweet.

photo titled "Summer Skin" by red_head_shan on Flickr