Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anxiety is My Song and Dance

The room is a carousel
Spinning round and round in my mind
Air rushes into my lungs— too much too fast
And I’m lost in the familiar song and dance.
The voices are raging in a thunderous backbeat,
Culminating into one ominous roar.
It’s deafening it’s unbearable
It reverberates into my veins as
Blood rushes through the body
And darkens the mind, inflaming my sight.
The room is a violent shade of suffocating red
And my breath is quickening
My body is convulsing
My mind is racing
But not one sideways glance notices
The ferocious spirit taking me over
Everyone is lost in their own song and dance.


  1. this has to be one of the best i have read in days whilst being lost in my own song and dance... :)