Friday, September 4, 2009


A true story for LOGOS class.

Night had descended over the city and as my family retired to their rooms, I was doing just the opposite. Shutting my bedroom door, I headed for the living room couch, a safe haven when the little monsters weren’t around. As I flipped on the TV, the bright shining light danced across the floor. Just as I propped my feet up on the coffee table I watched, in a trance, as my worst nightmare came to life in front of me. Eight hairy legs supporting an enormous body sped into the mirrored light of the TV. I opened my mouth in a scream, jumping up from my seat. I ran around searching madly for a weapon—or any shoe that wasn’t my own. Grabbing my mother’s boot, I crept into the living room, my heart beating wildly, to find that the repulsive creature hadn’t moved. Not wanting to get any closer, I stopped a couple of feet away and launched the shoe at the monster, only to miss by a dismal three inches.
Once again I tossed the boot, this time gaining contact but not killing it. By now, the massive arachnid began attempting to escape. My nerves were doing an Irish jig under my skin at the thought of having to actually get close to the creature but I forced myself to take hold of the shoe once more.
This time, I settled for a much more practical approach. So, I hacked at the eight-legged freak with my makeshift bludgeon.
When I decided the thing was dead enough I stood up, pride exuding from my stance. I had defeated the beast.
Then, as I realized one crucial detail, my face fell. I was now left with the question of what to do with what was left of the killing.
If only my cat had a craving for spider guts.

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  1. Thats funny..I thought it might be a roach or worse yet, a cockroach!