Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Siren's Song

Do you hear the lover’s cries
from rose petals parted and trembling?
The bittersweet tears as they run into the ocean,
Become a heart-wrenching melody that crawls
Along the waves to where your ship lies,
Waiting for nothing, yet waiting nonetheless.
It calls to you.
It entrances you.
It’s claws sink into your chest,
Seizing your heart in its cold grip,
Pulling you into the fog,
Into the unknown.

And as your body washes up onto the shore,
She screams in outrage; wails in despair.
You are not the one she sung for,
You are not her lover lost to the waters so long ago.
Your cold colorless body mocks her anguish.
Sinking to her knees, her hands graze the pristine sand.
And once again
Her soul tears open.
The deadly melody, pale and soft,
Whispers of death and a love lost
Against her blue lips, as cold as the corpse.
The Siren’s song.