Friday, October 16, 2009

Why Do You Wear A Mask?

We wear masks of onyx and sapphire
To hide the shadowed moons under our eyes
But they can’t hide the bruises marring our skin
Over arms and legs emaciated by time and lies

They judge us even as their masks slip to reveal
What they truly are— something much more vindictive
Voices of satin weave the sweetest symphony of death and destruction
Hearts of ice cover their lies make them all the more addictive

Behind our veils of impervious truth our blackened gaze
Springs forth tears of diamonds for all those caught
In their snare of fixation and deceit that refuses to release
Their souls of lead and sand that are forever more good for naught

And so we wear the masks of onyx and sapphires
That hide the shadowed moons under our eyes
To protect us from this world that turns our wings
To dust and ignores our soul shattering cries

1 comment:

  1. The world can be a hard place. Thanks for this poem.