Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Awakening


You told me it was too late.
You told me I couldn’t change.
Stuck in my old ways, too afraid to try.
But I was hit by a ball of fire.
I was slammed into the wall.
I was pushed in front of the mirror.
Forced to confront the demons
That were staring right at me.
Before, I would run.
Before, I would hide.
But things have changed.
I’ve been awakened.
I’m ready to be the daughter she deserves.
I’m ready to be the friend they deserve.
But mostly, I’m ready to just


  1. The picture matches with the poem well. And sometimes, it does take a push, shove, or ball of fire to make us confront ourselves, doesn't it? Profound. Thanks for writing.


  2. this is absolutely powerful and REAL...for a young lady you write very well...from the heart.....and yes do not be afraid to confront...whatever.....just keep writing and continue to just BE