Saturday, May 9, 2009

Irony or Message in a Bottle

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She’s the beauty of the town
Her smile puts the sun to shame
And I want to bottle her laughter
Not to sell it; just to keep it for myself.
She has the entire town wrapped
So tight around her little finger.
And yet she is forever alone
And that is why I’m sending her this note
of all my love and dreams
In a glass bottle, down the stream.

I’m the freak of the town
Are my strange harlequin eyes to blame?
Is it that I rarely talk, but sing instead?
I’ve given up trying to figure it out.
So I just go on living life in this little town
Pretending not to notice their eyes
On me as I walk home alone .
And when I find bottles in the river
I throw them back and down the stream they go.
illiteracy: one; love life: zero.


  1. nice the freaks....keep writing

  2. i have read this again...i think I commented before...but...anyways..this is very good

  3. Yeah, I love the thought of bottling laughter, and that last line, phew!