Friday, December 4, 2009


Don’t worry your pretty little head, little one
Daddy’s gone elsewhere tonight
You don’t have to worry about the
Look he gets in his eyes
When he’s had too much to drink
And when the liquor just wasn’t enough
To declaw the demon in his mind.

Don’t lose any sleep, little one,
Daddy’s gone elsewhere again tonight
And he’s taken his brown bottle with him
To the place where we wish he wouldn’t leave.
When he’s elsewhere we are safe
And when he’s elsewhere we’re okay
That is why we must leave.

Don’t be scared, little one.
We’re going elsewhere tonight.
So pack your bags and get dressed.
We’re leaving for the next train leaving town.
Don’t waste your time looking over your shoulder
He’s not here, he doesn’t know,
He’s gone elsewhere.

Where is elsewhere you ask?
Elsewhere is anywhere but here.
Elsewhere can be our safe haven
Elsewhere can be our hell on earth.
Safe Haven…

We’ll find out when we get there.

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