Monday, December 14, 2009

New Beginnings

I'm not going to paste my entire short story on here because the format always gets screwed up but here is the link to this story i wrote the other day.
It might not seem like it at first but it's about being brave enough to accept the things you cannot change and to change the things you can.

also, the writing style is a lot "braver" i suppose you could say with the words i use.

keep in mind please, that i was writing this for a school assignment and was supposed to keep it to 6 pages at the maximum. That proved to be impossible so i splurged for 9 (oh, the bravery!)
it's still not how i imagined it because i had to cut it so short but oh well. one day i will return to it.


  1. Well said - I followed your link and read your story. I can see how you would want to add to it. It's a great story but needs more "middle" to it. Still - great job :)

    PS if you are typing in Microsoft Word and then just trying to copy and paste to your blog it will cause the formatting problems. You might try saving as rtf from Word - it might help.
    Good luck!

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