Friday, December 4, 2009

Siren's Sonnet

There is a song that the siren sings
That dulls the pain and clouds the mind
Young sailors don’t yet know what evil it brings
Or that they’re about to leave their entire life behind.

The melody crawls along the waves to their waiting ship
To catch any unlucky man on deck alone
They don’t realize its claws seizing their heart in its cold grip,
Pulling them into the fog, into the dark unknown.

When their body washes up onto the sandy shore
She’ll fall to her knees and wail to the sea’s ebb and flow
They’re not the one she was calling to, the one she sung for
They’re not her lover lost to the dark waters so long ago

Their cold, colorless corpse mocks her suffering, her every sigh
And once again her soul tears open and begins the deadly cry.

A different version of Siren Song.

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