Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Own Rhythm

You tell me the sky is blue and I am supposed to believe you
That the grass is green and birds are meant to fly not swim
You tell me I should try to be like every one else,
Forget my never-ending questions and nod as if I understand.
Stop dreaming and get in line for my preordained future.
Stop wishing on every falling star and looking for things that were never there.
Leash my imagination and send creativity to the kennel.
Don’t waste time with impractical fairy tales and happy endings.
Do not expect me to conform on the surface but live my own life in secret.
It’s time for you to understand.
You cannot control the universe. It will not obey.
You cannot expect the world to conform to one who’s own heart does not obey.
Even as you attempt to set everyone in an assimilation line
Your own heart beats to it’s own rhythm.
You talk as if everything is written in stone
But even stone can be washed away by water
Given time.

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