Sunday, February 22, 2009

She & I

She looked up into the dark and empty sky.
All that she felt was guarded by her eyes.
She walked among the living, yet separate from their lives.
She wasn’t one of them. She had too many secrets, too many lies.
She would love to be a painting, silently adored.
Instead she was a shadow, loudly ignored.
She went along seemingly serene in every way.
Instead, she was burning from the things she’ll never say.
She didn’t care that what was left of her heart threatened to succumb to her woes.
Instead, she stared at the thorns, oblivious to the rose.
She looked into the mirror and saw the reflection,
Of a girl who’d been thrown away, had lost the connection.
Then and there, her fortress of withheld emotions began to collapse.
She picked herself up, if she didn’t, she would immediately relapse.
I looked up into the vast and laden sky,
All I felt inside was reflected in my eyes.

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