Sunday, February 22, 2009

When Did Your Heart Go Missing?

This pulsing organ
Below my neck screams
From the havoc you have brought
Upon it.

It’s cry, like a rainstorm,
Attacks my every sense,
Howling like the wind,
Beating against the windows of my soul
Until I can only taste the
Metallic copper of insidious lies
Until I can only see the
Mere shadow of what was once
life, love, and beauty
Until it is all I hear

And yet you go about
Day to day
Smiling that smile that
Masks the villainous monster.
Throw around words meant
To ensnare and hypnotize
And yet you take no notice
Of the incessant pleas
Sounding all through the night
Betraying my broken heart of hearts

Because in order to feel another’s heart
You must have one of your own.

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