Sunday, March 1, 2009

Walking the Divide

Loneliness as deep as the darkest ocean
Laps at my soul and I can only watch.
I stare with glazed eyes as it eats away
Piece by piece,
Soon I will be left with nothing.

Deep within this self-destructive whirlwind
You appear bearing only a heart full of love.
I stare with glazed eyes as you put me back together
Piece by piece
Soon I will be back to normal.

With only one effervescent shard left missing
You look over your shoulder to see a ghost from your past,
I stare with glazed eyes as you walk away
Step by step
Now I am left with nothing.


Returning to the deepest, darkest ocean
Deep within the self-destructive whirlwind
I stare with glazed eyes at nothing in particular
Step by step
I approach the line where life and death meet

Step by step
I walk the divide, holding on to myself
Trying to keep what is left of my soul intact.
Piece by piece
I feel it fuse back together leaving an ever-enduring scar.

Nearly back to life again
I can see the brilliant light just over the horizon.
I know I can make it without you, this time.
Step by step
Piece by Piece
I will be complete again.

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