Sunday, March 29, 2009

Smoke And Mirrors

Your smoke and mirrors got the best of me.
I never saw it coming, I never even thought,
That I was included in your magic act.

You levitated lies right over my head
You swept me off my feet and called it love
What a horrible trick that was.

But I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve,
You never saw it coming, you never even thought
That perhaps there is a better magician than you.

It’s your turn to play the fool
So watch, amazed, as I disappear from your life.
Now hold your breath until I reappear.

Love can sometimes be magic
But magic can sometimes be an illusion.
Just like your smoke and mirrors.


  1. Very true. Very sad when it goes that way. But it is freeing to be able to express it thus!

  2. The smoke of illusion is as deadly as the smoke from a burning fire.

    Very good poem.

  3. Wow! I really like this - lots of strength and imagery in this!

  4. powerful last lines! has a bit of spite or resentful tone here..

  5. Oh you said it well ... now to my man, who needs to read this, I say, go to hell!

  6. "You levitated lies right over my head." Great line. Well done poem. I love the passion.

  7. Love holds many surprises..very true. Today is April fools isn't it?? Have a good one-

  8. the magic of love is in the magician's wand and his act... portrayed a dimension of love well...