Sunday, March 15, 2009

One Thousand Drops Of Joy


Trapped in this supposed paradise
Cloaked forever in darkness
Throat parched from lack of use
I plead for water.
Beg for just a single sip.
You smile handing me the glass
Already knowing I will lose my grip
I fall to my knees
Oh, to live without water
I shall surely die.
Would it not be better to give up,
To end this life robbed of any joy?
As if on cue, the clouds turn ominous
Lightning strikes out at me,
I plead for life.
Beg for just a single day.
You smile again and look to the sky
Water pours down,
Soaking through the arid ground
The glass fills with tears of the sky
Just before a single drop runs over the edge
The rain ceases as quickly as it started
Each sip of water
One thousand drops of joy.

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