Saturday, March 28, 2009

Breaking Mirrors

Looking into the shattered mirror
the cracked shards cutting my face in half.
I'm left a monster
and yet only a fraction of the demon i once was.
Everyone looked to me and saw a paragon,
that smile, aimed to please,
was a mask covering tearstained cheeks and quivering lips
Basking in self-loathing
and hiding behind meaningless excuses
repeating the lies over and over again
never revealing the inner turmoil
choking on life
forced to listen to the apathetic notes
of the violins
most are able to ignore
and although the incessant melody
drowns out my voice
rendering me mute to lamenting
the voices in my head are purged of thought
as they appear on the page
every last wound and pain imprinted in eternity
a glimpse into my distorted world

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