Saturday, March 14, 2009


abuse. Pictures, Images and Photos

They were there lying on my skin when I awoke
Soft dark petals contrasting with alabaster
I dress to cover them so
No one can see my roses,
No one can see the only gifts you’ve given me.

I’ll hold them close until they whither away
But I know you’ll give me new ones.
Thank you, they are so beautiful,
But they hurt,
They hurt so badly.

I’ll accept each one lovingly,
Because with every strike I take
Another blossom blooms.
And these flowers are better
Than nothing at all.

So c'mon baby,
Use me, abuse me,
i'm waiting for my new bouquet.


  1. Powerful! And so sad to think that there are plenty of relationships like this. I like the way you show the emotions and reasons why anyone would put up with this type of abuse.

  2. Oh my God!
    This is perfectly lovely.
    I know someone who is in an emotionally abusive relationship - and your words mirror the reasons why she says she can't leave.