Sunday, March 15, 2009

She's A Slave to Mother Nature


She’s dancing through the moonlight swathed in her crimson satin dress
She’s singing praise to each and every soul on the earth, each sturdy rock and tree
She’s sleeping in a field of sunlight breathing on her skin with a single caress.

She’s everywhere and nowhere at once, her life a fusion of emotions
She’s anger like the peaks of volcanoes into their fiery center
She’s calm like the white sand beaches that lead to the deepest oceans

She’s beauteous as rubies are red or as the sky above her is blue
She’s got moons for eyes and the blackest silk for hair but
She’s unbearably lonely with not a single soul to turn to

She may speak the language of life and sing to the birds in the trees
She may listen to the soil cry it’s heart out and calm the whispering grass
But she’s a slave to Mother Nature and Mother Nature is hard to please

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